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MCA would like to thank all of our panelists and Ed Korczynski, our moderator, for their participation on our BrightSpots 450-mm Forum.  The forum is now closed for new discussions, but we encourage you to check out the videos of our live panel event at SEMICON West, one-on-one interviews with the participants, as well as the online panel discussions that took place.

The BrightSpots Team

The BrightSpots 450-mm Forum is now closed

The transition to 450-mm wafers is expected to be a tremendous undertaking for the entire semiconductor industry ecosystem. Even accounting for the potentially substantial cost-savings through higher productivity by moving to 450-mm wafers, the funding issues, timing, and manufacturing process challenges are serious concerns. A transition to 450 mm will require unprecedented coordinated efforts across the entire supply chain.


Ed Korczynski
BetaSights and SemiMD

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Michel Brillouet

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Paul Lindner
EV Group

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Risto Puhakka
VLSI Research

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Gus Richard
Piper Jaffray

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Olivier Demolliens

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