Date and TimeTitle
May 11, 2021
9:30am - 10:00am (Eastern)
CDx Launch Success: From Early Biomarker Development to Commercialization

An overview of opportunities associated with early biomarker investment for enhancing the demonstration of drug efficacies in target populations

  • An overview of opportunities associated with early biomarker investment for enhancing the demonstration of drug efficacies in target populations
  • How to effectively deploy a drug-Dx co-development strategy as part of your next therapeutic program
  • Establishing successful prelaunch partnerships to ensure candidates are commercially ready and patient access is maximized
  • Actionable insights into leveraging the existing disease landscape to ensure suitable reimbursement is in place for launch
  • Insight on which in-market activities can facilitate the maximum uptake of your co-developed drug and Dx
May 11, 2021
10:06am - 10:41am (Eastern)
Keynote - Facing Unknowns and Challenges: COVID-19 Testing in the Vaccine Era
  • The advent of COVID-19 vaccines requires updated thinking on testing. Dr Lasalvia addresses key challenges and current pressuring unknows impacting testing and diagnostics (testing infrastructure, customizing by specific populations, digital and immunity passports, virus variants, immunity).
May 11, 2021
11:55am - 1:37pm (Eastern)
Integrating Personalized Medicine into Healthcare: Progress and a Path Forward

During this session, experts in precision diagnostics, targeted therapy and healthcare delivery will discuss a first-of-its-kind landscape analysis applying a quantitative multi-factorial framework to assess the clinical adoption of personalized medicine in health care throughout the United States. Based on a survey of a representative sample of 153 health care providers, the analysis , which was commissioned by the Personalized Medicine Coalition, shows that 83 percent of the institutions studied scored a two or higher on the five-point scale used to examine their integration efforts. The study also showed that only 22 percent of the institutions studied scored a four or a five on the personalized medicine integration scale. Panelists will discuss this system-wide but incomplete push to implement personalized medicine in clinical settings, highlighting both the momentum that the field has as well as the limitations associated with the utilization of new precision medicine technologies and practices with extraordinary but understudied potential benefits.

May 11, 2021
1:40pm - 2:35pm (Eastern)
The Evolution of Precision Diagnostics in Advancing Oncology Treatment Strategies
  • The role of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based diagnostics in providing comprehensive treatment options for cancer patients
  • Benefits of broad-panel NGS tumor profiling in bringing more actionable data for better decision-making
  • Role of germ line testing strategies for promoting proactive care and treatment options
  • Key challenges and opportunities in commercializing NGS-based diagnostics