Date and TimeTitle
Sep 27, 2022
8:00am - 8:40am (Pacific)
Opening Remarks & Keynote: Advancements in CMP Over the Years

8:00 AM Opening Remarks Presented By: Robert Rhoades & Jeffrey McKinnis, Matt Prince (Intel Corp) (ICPT Co-Chairs)

8:05 AM Keynote: Advancements in CMP Over the Years Presented By: Matt Prince (Intel Corp)

Sep 27, 2022
8:40am - 10:00am (Pacific)
Session A

8:40 AM CMP Challenges for Buried Power Rail Integration Presented By: Kevin Vandermissen (IMEC)

9:00 AM HVM CMP Process Development for Advanced Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI) Presented By: Catharina Rudolph (Fraunhofer IZM ASSID)

9:20 AM Pad Surface Micro-Structure as Driver for Oxide Removal, Case Study for 3D-Printed Polishing Pads Presented By: Aurore Bonnevaialle (ST Microelectronics)

9:40 AM A Hybrid Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Model for Time-Dependent, Spatial Material Removal Rate Optimization Presented By: Tom Rothe (Fraunhofer ENAS)

10:00 AM Morning Break

Sep 27, 2022
10:20am - 12:00pm (Pacific)
Session B

10:20 AM Evaluation of Design Dependency in STI-CMP for Layout Diversification Presented By: Conrad Guhl (Fraunhofer IPMS-CNT)

10:40 AM Copper Metal Loss in Nanometer Fine Features During Chemical-Mechanical Planarization Presented By: Raghuveer Patlolla (IBM Research)

11:00 AM Effect of Brush Cleaning on Post CMP Defects Presented By: Hong Jin Kim (GlobalFoundries)

11:20 AM Analysis of Corrosion Inhibitor Effects in Cu CMP Based on AFM Measurements Presented By: Jinhyoung Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)

11:40 AM A New Method for Characterizing CMP's Localized Removal Laws Using a Die-Scale Modeling Approach with Measured Surfaces Presented By: Brian Salazar (University of California Berkeley)

12:00 PM Lunch

Sep 27, 2022
1:15pm - 3:00pm (Pacific)
Session C

1:15 PM Invited: Novel Applications of Machine Learning and Modelling in CMP Process Control to Minimize CMP Process Marginalities Presented By: John Matovu (OCT ADT)

1:40 PM Measuring Large Particle Contaminants in Cerium Oxide CMP Slurries with Total Holographic Characterization Presented By: Fook Chiong Cheong (Spheryx Inc)

2:00 PM Development for Molybdenum CMP Slurry Presented By: Shogo Onishi (Fujimi Corp)

2:20 PM CMP Slurry for Epoxy Mold Compound in Advanced Packaging Presented By: C. Noda (Showa Denka Materials Co)

2:40 PM Future Technology Roadmap for CMP Conditioning Disk Presented By: Yongsik Moon (EHWA Diamond)

3:00 PM Afternoon break

Sep 27, 2022
3:20pm - 6:00pm (Pacific)
Session D

3:20 PM CMP Removal Rate and Profile Prediction via Deep Learning-Based Algorithm for Robust Process Design Presented By: Seungjun Lee (Samsung Electronics Co)

3:40 PM Visualization of Sub-50nm Particle Detachment from Silica Glass Substrate during Enforcing Megasonic by Evanescent Field Presented By: Yutaka Terayama (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

4:00 PM Chemical Mechanical Polishing Mechanism of Silicon Nitride Surface: Effect of Tribochemical Oxidation Presented By: Hitomi Takahashi (Hitachi Ltd)

4:20 PM Application of Hydrogen-Reduction to Improve Ceria Slurry Performance on Chemical Mechanical Polishing Process Presented By: Jaewon Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)

6:00 PM End of General Session

Sep 28, 2022
8:00am - 12:00pm (Pacific)
Session E: Clarkson University CAMP

8:00 AM Clarkson Welcome

8:05 AM Invited: Technology and Challenges of Chemical Mechanical Planarization Presented By: Jongheun Lim (Intel Corp)

8:30 AM Invited: Understanding Molybdenum Films - Challenges for Molybdenum Post CMP Cleaning Formulations Presented By: Daniela White (Entegris Corp)

8:55 AM Invited: Challenges and Opportunities for CMP in Future Devices Presented By: Ji-Chul Yang (Ebara Corp)

9:20 AM Invited: Pad Designs - to Navigate the Fundamentals of CMP Presented By: Sunghoon Lee (Smart Pad Inc)

9:45 AM Morning Break

10:00 AM Invited: Tribo-Electroanalytical Evaluation of CMP Slurries and Post-CMP Cleaning Solutions Presented By: Dipanker Roy (Clarkson University)

10:25 AM Invited: Exploring Chemically Activated p-CMP Cleaning for the Development of "Low Stress" Processes Presented By: Jason Keleher (Lewis University)

10:50 AM Invited: The Underlying Reason for High Operating Profit Margin in Semiconductor Industry Presented By: Seiichi Kondo (Showa Denko)

11:15 AM Invited: Non-Contact Post CMP Megasonic Cleaning of Cobalt Wafers Presented By: Ahmed Busnaina (Northeastern University)

11:40 AM ICPT Achievement Awards

12:00 PM Lunch

Sep 28, 2022
1:00pm - 3:00pm (Pacific)
Introduction of ICPT 2023 & Session F

1:15 PM Invited: Study on the Reactive Nano Carbon Fine Particles for SiC-CMP Presented By: Keisuke Suzuki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

1:40 PM Do You Know What Your Retaining Ring and Wafer are Doing?Presented By:  Len Borucki (Araca Inc)

2:00 PM Advanced SiC CMP for High Volume Manufacturing of Power Devices Presented By: John Givens (Applied Materials Inc)

2:20 PM The Effect of Surfactants on Ceria Particle Removal in the Buff Clean Process and NPM Based Cleaning Solution for Post-CMP Cleaning Presented By: Yingjie Wang (Fudan University)

2:40 PM Experimental Investigation on Modified Preston Model by Utilizing Stop Polishing Method Presented By: Takumi Sato (Chuo University)

3:00 PM Afternoon break

Sep 28, 2022
3:20pm - 4:20pm (Pacific)
Session G

3:20 PM State Estimation of CMP Process Using Model-Based Simulation Presented By: Kodai Hirano (Chuo University)

3:40 PM Analytical Approaches to Clarify Mechanism and Improve Performance of Ceria Slurry Clean Presented By: Kan Takeshita (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp)

4:00 PM The Investigation of Ceria-PAA Interactions during STI CMP Process Leading to Brush Loading Presented By: Issues Muskan (Hanyang University)

4:20 PM Visualization of Slurry Particle Behavior Using Evanescent Field during Chemical Mechanical Polishing Presented By: Michio Uneda (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)

Sep 29, 2022
8:00am - 8:30am (Pacific)
Keynote: History of CMP at Applied Materials: 1995-Present

8:00 AM Keynote: History of CMP at Applied Materials: 1995-Present Presented By: Fritz Redeker (Applied Materials Inc)

Sep 29, 2022
8:35am - 9:55am (Pacific)
Session H

8:35 AM Innovations in Integrated Metrology Presented By: Ovadia Ilgayev (Nova Ltd)

8:55 AM Machine Learning Versus Physics-Based CMP Modeling for Emerging Technologies Presented By: Ruben Ghulghazaryan (Siemens Industry Software)

9:15 AM Die-Scale Nanotopography Characterization: New Insight Presented By: Viorel Balan (CEA-Leti)

9:35 AM Modeling Edge-Over-Erosion for Advanced CMP Processes Presented By: Davit Piliposyan (Siemens Industry Software)

9:55 AM Morning Break

Sep 29, 2022
10:15am - 1:00pm (Pacific)
Session I

10:15 AM Automatic Analysis of CMP Dishing in Via Arrays from AFM Images Presented By: Jan Langer (Fraunhofer ENAS)

10:35 AM Next Generation Particle Detection in CMP Slurries Presented By: Rashid Mavliev (Mavlipa LLC)

10:55 AM Critical Feature Size of Polishing Pad and Its Performance Presented By: Mary McGahay (Smart Pad Inc)

11:15 AM Effect of Colloidal Silica and Copper Ions on PVA Brush Contamination during Post-Cu CMP Cleaning Presented By: Sanjay Bisht (Hanyang University)

11:35 AM Holistic Approach To Clean Process Optimization for High Throughput CMP Applications Presented By: Katrina Mikhaylichenko (Applied Materials)

11:55 AM Student Paper Awards Presented By: Robert Rhoades & Jeffrey McKinnis (ICPT Co-Chairs)

12:05 PM Closing Remarks Presented By: Robert Rhoades & Jeffrey McKinnis (ICPT Co-Chairs)

12:10 PM Box Lunch

1:00 PM End of General Session