Date and TimeTitle
Oct 11, 2022
1:20pm - 5:20pm (Eastern)
Welcome followed by Plenary Session

1:30 PM: Welcome

Plenary Session

1:50 PM:  Evolution of Phased Array Radar in Leonardo SpA

Alfonso Farina, Leonardo (Italy)

2:20 PM:  Affordable Silicon-Based Phased-Arrays for Commercial and Defense Radars

Gabriel Rebeiz, UCSD (USA)

2:50 PM:  The Dawn of the Digital Age for Arrays

Tom Dalrymple, USAF Research Laboratory (USA)

3:20 PM:  Break

3:50 PM:  Current and Future Array Trends

Israel Lupa, Elta (Israel)

4:20 PM:  Horus: A Digital Polarimetric Phased Array Radar

Robert Palmer, Oklahoma University ARRC (USA)

4:50 PM Tribute to Dr. Eli Brookner – IEEE Fellow, Phased Array Expert, Mentor & Friend

Ellen Ferraro, Raytheon (USA)

Oct 12, 2022
7:50am - 12:10pm (Eastern)
European Phased Arrays I

Chairs: Alfonso Farina, Leonardo SpAMichael Brandfass, Hensoldt Sensors GmbH

8:00 AM – 19: HE-R1000 Antenna Feed System developed by Thale Alenia Space in Italy

Giuseppe Orlando (Thales Alenia Space)*; Giovanni Gasparro (Thales Alenia Space); Gianpiero Fabiani (Thales Alenia Space); Danilo Fortini (Thales Alenia Space); Raffaele Carnesecchi (Thales Alenia Space); Giulio Adone (Thales Alenia Space); Davide Landi (Thales Alenia Space)

8:20 AM – 22: A Technique for on-site Calibration of Active Phased Arrays Using Two Probes

Matteo Ciattaglia (LEONARDO)*

8:40 AM – 36: Recent Advances on Wideband Wide Scanning Connected Slot Arrays

Daniele Cavallo (Delft University of Technology)*

9:00 AM – 37: Digitally Synthesized Antenna Test Bench for Next Generation Phased Array Systems

Antonio Ciociola (Leonardo S.p.A.)*

9:20 AM – 108: Technology developments and R&D activities at the European Space Agency for satellite communication payloads based on active antennas and digital processors

Salvatore D’Addio (European Space Agency)*

9:40 AM – 158: Development of Antenna Array Technologies at ONERA

Hervé Jeuland (ONERA)*; Cedric Martel (ONERA); Sylvan Bolioli (ONERA); Aurelie Dorle (ONERA); André Barka (ONERA)

10:00AM – BREAK

10:30 AM – 42: Analysis and Experimental Validation of Direction-Finding Systems for ELINT Applications

Daniele Marcantoni (Elettronica SpA)*; Riccardo Ardoino (Elettronica SpA); Goffredo Foglia (Elettronica SpA)

10:50 AM – 50: Investigation and Mitigation of Scan Blindness for State-of-the-Art Broadband Apertures

Marc Vizcarro i Carretero (Hensoldt Sensors GmbH)*; Mario Leib (Hensoldt Sensors GmbH); Tobias Trombatore (Hensoldt Sensors GmbH); Michael Sabielny (Hensoldt Sensors GmbH)

11:10 AM – 53: Design and Realization of a Highly Integrated and Scalable X-Band Tile Array

Ralf Rieger (Hensoldt Sensors GmbH)*; Thomas Mueller (Hensoldt Sensors GmbH); Alexander Mueller (Hensoldt Sensors GmbH); Markus Boeck (Hensoldt)

11:30 AM – 98: On The Relationship Between Array Lattice and the Active Element Pattern of Antenna Arrays

Giovanni Petraglia (MBDA)*; Pietro vinetti (mbda); Fabio Pascariello (mbda)

Oct 12, 2022
7:50am - 12:10pm (Eastern)
Array Signal Processing I

Chairs: Dan Culkin, Northrop Grumman Corporation; Patrick Bluem, MIT Lincoln  Laboratory

8:00 AM – 4: Persistent Scatterometry from GEO using Smallsats with MIMO Beamforming

Isaac Weissman (Weissman Science & Engineering Co., LLC)*

8:20 AM – 10: FDA-MRMO Radar Interference Suppression

Zhixia Wu (Xidian University)*; Shengqi Zhu (Xidian University); Jingwei Xu (Xidian University); Lan Lan (Xidian University); Ximin Li ( Xidian University)

8:40 AM – 11: Super-Resolving Multiple Mainlobe Signals in Jamming 

Manuel F Fernandez (Independent Researcher)*; Kai-Bor Yu (Self-Employed)

9:00 AM – 17: Real-Time Analysis of Clutter Environments for Radar Systems

Daniel J Hebert (Lockheed Martin ATL)*; Lisa Osadciw (Lockheed Martin RMS); Danielle Landschoot (Lockheed Martin RMS)

9:20 AM – 18: Enhanced Knowledge Aided Space-Time Adaptive Processing (KA-STAP) Applying the Slepian Transform

Daniel J Hebert (Lockheed Martin ATL)*; Lisa Osadciw (Lockheed Martin RMS); Nguyen Nguyen (Lockheed Martin – RMS); Dimitrius Cugini (Lockheed Martin – RMS)

9:40 AM – 21: A Novel Technique for Polarization-Insensitive Spatial Filtering

John N Spitzmiller (Parsons)*

10:00 AM – BREAK

10:30 AM – 23: Transmit Sub-Apertures for Beam Broadening and Frequency Diversity

Kai-Bor Yu (Self-Employed)*; Manuel F Fernandez (Independent Researcher)

10:50 AM – 24: Joint Number of Antennas Detection and AoA Estimation of a Multi-antenna Transmitter by an Unauthorized Receiver

Antonios Argyriou (University of Thessaly)*

11:10 AM – 45: E-DPCA Synthesis Technique in Small Linear Array Antennas with Tapered Edge Elements

Maria Pour (The University of Alabama in Huntsville)*; Tanzeela Mitha (The University of Alabama in Huntsville); Jonathan Marquardt (The University of Alabama in Huntsville)

11:30 AM – 51: 2D Direction-Of-Arrival Estimation of Gun-Fired Projectile using commercial Software-Defined-Radio

Clément Campo (ISL)*; Etienne Bieber (ISL); Loïc Bernard (ISL)

11:50 AM – 55: Scalable STAR Array Testbed

Pierre-Francois W Wolfe (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)*; Kenneth E. Kolodziej (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)

Oct 12, 2022
7:50am - 12:10pm (Eastern)

Chairs: Ryan Stevenson, Kymeta; James Liu, Intellian

8:00 AM – 106: A 1024-Element K-band Commercial SATCOM User Terminal with a G/T of 10.2 dB/K and Two Simultaneous Beams

Gokhan Gultepe (Extreme Waves, Inc.)*; Kevin Low (Extreme Waves, Inc.); Qian Ma (Extreme Waves, Inc.); Gabriel Rebeiz (Extreme Waves, Inc.)

8:20 AM – 8: Prediction of Grating Lobe Level Due to Antenna Array Element Mirroring or Sequential Rotation

Chris S Merola (Intellian Technologies)*

8:40 AM – 100: Modern Low-Cost Phased Array Technologies and Accompanying Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) Regulatory Requirements

Antoinette Tan (Olin College of Engineering); Whitney Q Lohmeyer (Olin College of Engineering)*

9:00 AM – 89: Shared Aperture Full Duplex Metasurface ESA Covering the Full K/Ka Commercial and Military Satcom Bands

Ryan Stevenson (Kymeta Corporation)*; Amin Momeni (Kymeta Corporation); Hussein Esfahlani (Kymeta Corporation); Mohammad Ranjbar Nikkah (Kymeta Corporation); Cagdas Varel (Kymeta Corporation); Steven Linn (Kymeta Corporation); Mohsen Sazegar (Kymeta Corporation)

9:20 AM – 132: Millimeter-wave Transparent Phased Array Antenna Using Liquid Crystal Technology

Arshad Mehmood (ALCAN Systems GmbH)*

9:40 AM – 15: PCB-Based TRX AESA for Ka-band In-Flight Connectivity

Tomohiro Takahashi (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)*

10:00 AM – BREAK

10:30 AM – 107: Optimization of a Multibeam Satellite-Mounted Phased Array-Fed Reflector with Power Constraints

Michael F Palvig (TICRA); Tonny Rubaek (TICRA)*

10:50 AM – 114: Waveguide Front-End for Wide Field of View Phased Arrays using Additive Manufacturing

Esteban Menargues (SWISSto12)*; Maria Garcia-Vigueras (INSA Rennes); Santiago Capdevila (SWISSto12)

11:10 AM – 140: Flat panel AESAs for SATCOM links: Design and array synthesis

Sriram Muralidharan (Analog Devices Inc.)*; Sukhjinder Deo (Analog Devices Inc.)

11:30 AM – 160: Deployable Electronically-Scanning Reflectarray (DESRa)

Moulder, William*; Maccabe, Andrew; Jeon, Sungeun; Bowen, Landen; Stromberg, Daniel; Diaz-Caez, Christian

11:50 AM – 7: Reflector and Reflectarray Architectures with Line Array Fed Parabolic Cylinder Optics

Michael Cooley (Northrop Grumman)*; Bret Yon (Northrop Grumman)

Oct 12, 2022
7:50am - 12:10pm (Eastern)
Dual POl / Meta Material / Medical

Chairs: Eric Holzman, Northrop Grumman Corporation; Rajesh Paryani, Northrop Grumman Corporation

8:00 AM – 12: An Innovative 3D Metal Printed Dual Linear Polarized Dual Beam Tx/Rx Phased Array Heat Sink Antenna with Silicon RFIC Beamformers 

Rudraishwarya Banerjee (San Diego State University)*

8:20 AM – 52: Dual-Polarized Ultra-Wideband 3-D Vivaldi Antenna Array at 2-40 GHz

Quang Nguyen (DEVCOM ARL)*; Theodore Anthony (DEVCOM ARL); Gregory Mitchell (DEVCOM ARL); Amir Zaghloul (DEVCOM ARL)

8:40 AM – 74: Implementing Complementary Split Ring Resonators for Mutual Coupling Suppression in Dual Differentially-Fed Microstrip Patch Array Antenna

Kam Eucharist Kedze (Carleton University)*; Wenyu Zhou (Carleton University); Nima Javanbakht (Carleton University); George Xiao (National research council); Jafar Shaker (Communication research center); Rony Amaya (Carleton University)

9:00 AM – 79: Impedance Bandwidth and Gain Improvement of Patch Array Antenna

Nima Javanbakht (Sanmina Corporation)*

9:20 AM – 90: Dual-Polarized Transmitarray with Independent Beam Control at Ka Band

Christos Exadaktylos (Florida International University)*; Abdul-Sattar Kaddour (Florida International University); Stavros Georgakopoulos (Florida International University)

9:40 AM – 111: A 14-17.2 GHz Dual-Polarized 256-Element Transmit Phased-Array with 40 dBW EIRP

Yusheng Yin (Extreme Waves)*; Gabriel Rebeiz (Extreme Waves)

10:00 AM – BREAK

10:30 AM – 2: Design and Development of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Balanced and Symmetric Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line (CRLH-TL) for Multiband Applications 

Bishoy Halim Elgndi (Alexandria Unversity)*

10:50 AM – 28: Analysis and Recovery Optimization of Sporadic Reflectarray Phase Failures Based on Array Factors

Ryan J Chaky (Penn State University)*; Sawyer Campbell (Penn State University); Pingjuan Werner (Penn State University); Douglas Werner (Penn State University)

11:10 AM – 54: Dual-band Gain Enhancing Compact GRIN Lenses

Eric B. Whiting (The Pennsylvania State University)*; Jingwei Xu (Pennsylvania State University); Sawyer Campbell (Pennsylvania State University); Jeremy Bossard (Lockheed Martin Corp.); John Barrett (Lockheed Martin Corp.); Joshua Withrow (Lockheed Martin Corp.); James Weigner (Lockheed Martin Corp.); Douglas Werner (Penn State University); Pingjuan Werner (Penn State University)

11:30 AM – 66: Vital Signs Detection based on High Resolution 3-D mmWave Radar Imaging

Yu Rong (Arizona State University)*; Isabella Lenz (Arizona State University); Daniel Bliss (Arizona State University)

11:50 AM – 151: Noncontact Radio Frequency (RF) Induced Ultrasound in the Brain 

Rebecca Laher (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)*; Alan Fenn (MIT-LL); Rob Haupt (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); David J Brigada (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Anthony Samir (MGH/MIT Center for Ultrasound Research & Translation)

Oct 12, 2022
1:20pm - 5:20pm (Eastern)
Low Frequency Arrays

Chairs: Vito Mecca, MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Scott Coutts, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

1:30 PM – 143: Acoustically Actuated Magnetoelectric Antenna Arrays for VLF Radiation Enhancement

Cunzheng Dong (Northeastern University)*; Yifan He (Northeastern University); Min-Gyo Jeong (Northeastern University); William Watson (BAE Systems, Fast Labs); Mohan Sanghadasa (US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation and Missile Center); Nian-xiang Sun (Northeastern University)

1:50 PM – 67: Impact of Mutual-Coupling in HF-band Uniform Linear Receiving Arrays

Gordon J Frazer (FrazerLab Pty Ltd)*; Charlie Williams (FrazerLab Pty Ltd)

2:10 PM – 135: Phased Array Rotating Magnet Sensing of Subsurface Conductive Material

Nicholas Hanna (University of Vermont)*; Wilson Ezequelle (UVM); Dylan Burns (University of Vermont); Tian Xia (University of Vermont); Dryver R Huston (University of Vermont)

2:30 PM – 83: Design of a Space-Based HF Vector Sensor Antenna Array for the AERO-VISTA Mission

Alexander F Morris (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)*; Alan Fenn (MIT-LL); Erik Thompson (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Frank Robey (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Mark Silver (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Alai Lopez (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Mary Knapp (MIT Haystack Observatory); Frank D Lind (MIT); Philip Erickson (MIT Haystack Observatory)

2:50 PM – 92: Wideband HF Van Atta Retrodirective Array: Study and Design

Songyi Yen (University of Colorado Boulder)*; Dejan Filipovic (University of Colorado Boulder)

3:10 PM – 125: The Architecture and Design of A Radio Interferometer for Thunderstorm Studies

Frank D Lind (MIT)*; Ningyu Liu (University of New Hampshire); Joseph Dwyer (University of New Hampshire); Mark Stanley (New Mexico Tech); Eloy de Lera Acedo (Cambridge Electromagnetic Technology Ltd.); Ivan Dors (University of New Hampshire)

3:30 PM – BREAK

4:00 – 33: Design of a Flexible Thermally-Drawn Photonics Receive Linear Dipole Phased Array Antenna at UHF

Cara Kataria (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)*; Lauren Cantley (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Alan Fenn (MIT-LL); Domenic Terranova (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Sivasubramaniam Yegnanarayanan (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Beijia Zhang (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)

4:20 PM – 78: A Joint Angle and Delay Detection Scheme using OFDM over Broadband Acoustic Links

Zhengnan Li (Northeastern University)*; Diego Cuji (Northeastern University); Milica Stojanovic (Northeastern University)

4:40 -PM – 99: 1-D and 2-D Sub-Diffraction Focusing with Circular Arrays

Nicholas E. Russo (Florida International University)*; Constantinos Zekios (Florida International University); Stavros Georgakopoulos (Florida International University)

Oct 12, 2022
1:20pm - 5:20pm (Eastern)
European Phased Arrays II

Chairs:  Alfonso Farina, Leonardo SpA; Michael Brandfass, Hensoldt Sensors GmbH

1:30 PM – 91: CROWN Project, towards a European Multifunction AESA System

María Luz ML Gil (Indra Sistemas)*; Michael Brandfass (Hensoldt); Sebastian Durst (Fraunhofer); Isabelle LeroyNaneix (Thales); Philippe Brouard (ONERA); Antonio Nanni (Leonardo); Ubaldo Calfa (Elettronica); Mattias Thorsell (Saab); Tomas Boman (FOI); Jacco de Wit (TNO); Mantas Sakalas (Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology); Alvaro Cubillo (Indra Sistemas); José Luis Galan de la Haba (Indra Sistemas); José Correcher Soriano (Indra Sistemas)

1:50 PM – 104: GESTRA – upgrading to future distributed phased array radar networks for space surveillance

Christoph Reising (Fraunhofer FHR)*; Markus Gilles (Fraunhofer FHR); Rudolf Hoffmann (Fraunhofer FHR); Steven Horstmann (Fraunhofer FHR); Stephan Schneider (FraunhoferFHR)

2:10 PM – 75: Design of TR Module Components for Ultra-Wideband Arrays up to Ka Band and Beyond

Mantas Sakalas (Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology)*; Paulius Sakalas (Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology)

2:30 PM – 73: Customizable Phased Array Antenna based on Domino Tiles for Satcom Applications

Federico Boulos (German Aerospace Center (DLR))*; Ulf Johannsen (Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)); Stefano Caizzone (DLR)

2:50 PM – 39: Virtual Distancing: A Beam-Steering Technique for Interference Reduction in Multibeam Antennas

Piero Angeletti (European Space Agency)*; Riccardo De Gaudenzi (European Space Agency)

3:10 PM – 40: SWAN(TM) – CAD Tool for the Design and Analysis of Large Beam Steering Slotted Waveguide Arrays

Roberto Vincenti Gatti (University of Perugia)*

3:30 – BREAK

4:00 PM – 41: Beam steering of vortex waves by a phased array based on the field equivalence principle

Altunkan Hizal (Aselsan Inc)*

4:20 PM – 161: A Dual-Polarized Low-Profile Wideband Antenna Array with Wide-Scan Ability

Tutku Bakan (ASELSAN)*; Burak Alptuğ Yılmaz (ASELSAN); Çağrı Çetintepe (ASELSAN); Lale Alatan (METU)

4:40 PM – 173: Quasi 5 foci Rotman-Turner Discrete Lens Antennas with Minimised Optical Aberrations 

Giovanni Toso (European Space Agency)*

Oct 12, 2022
1:20pm - 5:20pm (Eastern)
Array Signal Processing II

Chairs: Bryan Teague, MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Brian Janice, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

1:00 PM – 72: Sparse Direction of Arrival Estimation using Real Acoustic Data

Berkan Kilic (Aselsan Inc.)*

1:50 PM – 96: Hardware-Efficient Direction of Arrival Estimation using Compressive Sensing

Alper Güngör (ASELSAN Research Center)*; Berkan Kilic (Aselsan Inc.)

2:10 PM – 109: Data-Driven Covariance Estimation

John T Rogers (Mississippi State University)*; John Ball (Mississippi State University); Ali C Gurbuz (Mississippi State University)

2:30 PM – 124: Large Scale Adaptive Beamforming

Michael A Parker (Raytheon)*

2:50 PM – 121: Adaptive Transmit Beam Pattern Design for Compressed Sensing-based Direction of Arrival Estimation

Muhammet Umut Bahçeci (Aselsan Research Center)*; Alper Güngör (Aselsan Research Center); Çağrı Çetintepe (Aselsan Research Center)

3:10 PM – 123: Push-Sum Protocol Based Frequency and Phase Synchronization in Distributed Phased Arrays

Mohammed Rashid (Michigan State University)*; Jeffrey A. Nanzer (Michigan State University)

3:30 PM – BREAK

4:00 PM – 130: Multi-target Parameter Estimation in Bistatic MIMO Radar

Yunhao Liu (Imperial College London)*; Nadeem Dar (Imperial College London); Athanassios Manikas (Imperial College London)

4:20 PM – 136: A Novel Block-Weighting Algorithm for Sidelobe Suppression in the Advanced Imaging System

Guanying Sun (Northeastern University)*; Mohammad Nemati (Northeastern University); Carey Rappaport (Northeastern University)

4:40 PM – 137: Phased Array Frequency-Mixed OAM Beam Synthesis and Chiral Target Discrimination 

Huston, Dryver R*; Brandriss, Owen; O’Connor, Patrick; Xia, Tian

5:00 PM – 169: Joint estimation of ice sheet vertical velocity and englacial layer geometry from multipass synthetic aperture radar data

Gordon Ariho (University of Kansas)*; John Paden (University of Kansas); Andrew Hoffman (University of Washington); Knut Christianson (University of Washington); Nicholas D Holschuh (Amherst College)

Oct 12, 2022
1:20pm - 5:20pm (Eastern)
Array Measurements

Chairs: Mike Cooley, Northrop Grumman Corporation; Paul Simmons, Georgia Tech Research Institute

1:30 PM – 6: A 0.4 km 30 Mbps Ku-Band RF Link based on a 64-Element Transmit and Receive Phased Array Antenna

Jia-Chi Chieh (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific)*; Everly Yeo (NIWC-PAC); Raif Farkouh (NIWC-PAC); Maxwell Kerber (NIWC-PAC); Nathan Stevens (NIWC-PAC); Randall Olsen (NIWC-PAC)

1:50 PM – 43: Ka Band Phased Array Development Platform

Qui Luu (Analog Devices), Mike Ballou (Keysight)*

2:10 PM – 64: A Figure of Merit for Simultaneous-Multi-Beam Transmit Antenna Arrays

Anton N. Atanasov (University of Twente)*; Mark Oude Alink (University of Twente); Frank E. van Vliet (TNO Defense, Safety and Security)

2:30 PM – 76: Evaluation of a Spline-Based Parameterization Scheme for Phase-Only Antenna Pattern Synthesis

Reece J Reinke (University of Oklahoma)*; David Schvartzman (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Feng Nai (NOAA); Tian-You Yu (University of Oklahoma); Jorge Salazar (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Bob Palmer (Univ. of Okla., ARRC)

2:50 PM – 110: G/T Degradation in FDD Systems Utilizing Active Phased Arrays

Matthew Cullen (FIRST RF)*; Ben Kaslon (FIRST RF); Ben Gibson (FIRST RF)

3:10 PM – 116: Simultaneous Phased-Array Element Testing Using Orthogonal Amplitude Modulation

Saleh Almahmoud (North Carolina State University)*; Zhangjie Hong (NC STATE UNIVERSITY); Brian Floyd (North Carolina State University)

3:30 PM – BREAK

4:00 PM – 148: Mutual Coupling-Based Calibration for the Horus Digital Phased Array Radar

Caleb Fulton (Univ. of Okla., ARRC)*; Patrick Kenworthy (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Javier Lujan (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Skyler Garner ( Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Devin Thompson (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Mark Yeary (University of Oklahoma)

4:20 PM – 162: Array Radome Replacement in the Field without Recalibration 

Eric L Holzman (Northrop Grumman)*

4:40 PM – 167: In-Situ Assessment of Array Antenna Currents for Real-Time Impedance Tuning

Charles Baylis (Baylor University)*; Adam C Goad (Baylor University); Trevor Van Hoosier (Baylor University); Austin S Egbert (Baylor University); Robert J. Marks II (Baylor University)

Oct 13, 2022
7:50am - 12:10pm (Eastern)
Wideband Arrays I

Chairs: Tim Hancock, Raytheon Technologies; James Wilson, DARPA

8:00 AM – 5: UWB Hemispherical Vivaldi and BAVA Arrays for Wide Angle Scanning

Carl Pfeiffer (Air Force Research Laboratory)*; Jeffrey Massman (Air Force Research Laboratory)

8:20 AM – 147: Low-Power K/Q-Band Digital Phased Array Chiplet

Craig A Hornbuckle (Jariet Technologies, Inc.)*; Eric Mrozek (Jariet Technologies, Inc.); Marcel Lugthart (Jariet Technologies, Inc.); Thomas Krawczyk (Jariet Technologies, Inc.)

8:40 AM – 157: MIDAS mmW Aperture

James McSpadden (Raytheon Technologies)*; Jason Milne (Raytheon Technologies)

9:00 AM – 156: MIDAS Wideband mmW Digital Tile

James McSpadden (Raytheon Technologies)*; Lawrence Kushner (Raytheon Technologies)

9:20 AM – 142: An 18-50 GHz RF-CMOS Transmitter Front-End for a Digital Phased Array System

Shih-Chang Hung (Michigan State University)*; Asad Ali Nawaz (Michigan State University); Matt Hodek (Michigan State University); John Albrecht (Michigan State University); Sang-Min Yoo (Michigan State University)

9:40 AM – 155: Millimeter Wave Digital Arrays (MIDAS) TA2: Millimeter-Wave Scalable Unconstrained Broadband Arrays (MMW SCUBA)

Josephine Chang (Northrop Grumman Mission Systems)*; Ryan Walsh (Northrop Grumman Mission Systems); Fadi Afiouni (Northrop Grumman Mission Systems); Sean McLoughlin (Northrop Grumman Mission Systems)

10:00 AM – BREAK

10:30 AM – 57: A New Phased Array Construct: Intra-element Monoliths Printed & Attached to a CircuiT board (IMPACT)

Victor C Sanchez (Jacobs Technology Inc)*

10:50 AM – 71: Demonstration of X-Band Wideband Scanning Using Hybrid Beam Steering Components

Virendra Kumar (Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO))*; Shreeshail . (Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)); Srinivas D (Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)); Pramod Kumar (Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)); K SREENIVASULU (DRDO); Beenamole KS (Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)); Ravi Gangwar (IIT(ISM) Dhanbad)

11:10 AM – 77: Development of Balanced TCDA for MFAs

Alexander D Johnson (BAE Systems)*; Jacob Tamasy (BAE Systems); James Fung (BAE Systems Inc); Benjamin Mcmahon (BAE Systems Inc)

11:30 AM – 118: An Ultra-Wideband Fully-Planar Inverted-L Monopole (FILM) Array

Muhammad Hamza (Florida International University)*; Constantinos L. Zekios (Florida International University); Stavros Georgakopoulos (Florida International University)

Oct 13, 2022
7:50am - 12:10pm (Eastern)
Weather Arrays

Chairs: Mark Yeary, Oklahoma State University; Caleb Fulton, Oklahoma State University

8:00 AM – 176: Analysis and Mitigation of the Reflected Power on an S-band Planar Phased Array Antenna Transmitting in a Wet Spherical Radome 

Christine PARRY (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)*; Alan Fenn (MIT-LL); Alexander F Morris (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Henry Thomas (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)

8:20 AM – 25: Design of a Dual-Polarized Low Sidelobe Slotted Waveguide Antenna for C-Band Phased Array Weather Radar

Takashi Uno (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)*; Takashi Uesaka (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Narihito Nakamoto (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Toru Fukasawa (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Toru Takahashi (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Yoshio Inasawa (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Takeshi Yamamoto (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Tomoyuki Koyanagi (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Ikuya Kakimoto (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Yoshihiko Konishi (Hiroshima Institute of Technology)

8:40 AM – 56: Untapped Capabilities of the Advanced Technology Demonstrator at the National Severe Storms Laboratory

Sebastian Torres (University Of Oklahoma)*; Christopher Curtis (University Of Oklahoma)

9:00 AM – 27: Effects of Horus Antenna Patterns on Polarimetric Weather Observations

Dusan Zrnic (NOAA/NSSL)*; David Schvartzman (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); José Díaz-Díaz (Johns Hopkins University – Applied Physics Laboratory); Bob Palmer (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Alexander Ryzhkov (Univ. of Okla., CIWRO/NSSL)

9:20 AM – 47: UAS-Mounted FMCW Radar for Observation of Weather Events

Marshall Bruner (Colorado State University)*; Chandrasekar Venkatachalam (Colorado State University)

9:40 AM – 48: Cross-Polar Canceller (XPC): A Technique to Reduce Cross-Polar Pattern Contamination in Polarimetric Weather Observations

Cesar Salazar (Univ. of Okla., ARRC)*; David Schvartzman (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Boon Leng Cheong (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Bob Palmer (Univ. of Okla., ARRC)

10:00 AM – BREAK

10:30 AM – 59: Airborne Polarimetric Doppler Phased Array Weather Radar: Digital Twin of the Active Electronically Scanned Array

Jothiram Vivekanandan (N.C.A.R>)*; Adam Karboski (N.C.A.R.); Christtopher Burghart (National center for Atmospheric Research); Turing Eret (National center for Atmospheric Research)

10:50 AM – 115: A Novel Portable Phased Array Radar for Meteorological Remote Sensing

Mohit Kumar (Agile RF Systems)*

11:10 AM – 58: Two-Way Pattern Synthesis for the Airborne Phased Array Radar (APAR)

Eric Loew (N.C.A.R.)*; Randy Haupt (Haupt Associates)

11:30 AM – 20: Novel All-Digital Beamforming Techniques for L/S/C-Band Multi-Channel Systems Leveraging Hardened DSP on Integrated Circuits

Michael Jones (Analog Devices)*; Peter Delos (Analog Devices)

11:50 AM – 26: A Polarimetric Antenna-Calibration Method for the Horus Radar based on E-Field Back Projection

David Schvartzman (Univ. of Okla., ARRC)*; José Díaz Díaz (Johns Hopkins University – Applied Physics Laboratory); Bob Palmer (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Dusan Zrnic (NOAA/NSSL); Caleb Fulton (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Jorge Salazar (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Patrick Kenworthy (Univ. of Okla., ARRC)

Oct 13, 2022
7:50am - 12:10pm (Eastern)
Beamforming and Calibration

Chairs: Glenn Hopkins, Georgia Tech Research Institute; Jacob Houck, Georgia Tech Research Institute

8:00 AM – 9: Flat-Top Beam Shaped Phased Array Design Using Multi-Beam Superposition

Wilfredo Rivas-Torres (Keysight Technologies Inc.)*; Murthy Upmaka (Keysight Technologies Inc.)

8:20 AM – 35: True Time Delay line RFIC for X-band Timed Array Radars

K SREENIVASULU (DRDO)*; KP Ray (Department of Electronics Engineering, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Girinagar, Pune); Dr. Vengada Rajan (DRDO)

8:40 AM – 44: A Composite Off-Axis Scan Method for Active Phased Array

Avnish Kumar (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru)*; Debasish Ghose (Indian Institute of Science); Abhijit Bhattacharyya (DRDL Hyderabad)

9:00 AM – 165: Two-Dimensional Adaptive Beamforming Based On Atomic-Norm Minimization

Zeren He (Southeast University); Shengheng Liu (Southeast University)*; Xiaolong Miao (Southeast University); Yongming Huang (Southeast University)

9:20 AM – 65: Full 3D Coverage Beamforming Phased Array with Reduced Phase Shifters and Control 2D Tunable 3 × 3 Nolen Matrix

Hanxiang Zhang (Florida State University)*; Bayaner Arigong (Florida State University)

9:40 AM – 81: Beamformer Calibration Using Coded Correlations


10:00 AM – BREAK

10:30 AM – 95: A Simple Analytic Technique for the Design of Linear Apertures Generating Piece-wise Polynomial Shaped Beams 

Giovanni Toso (European Space Agency)*

10:50 AM – 103: A New Class of Ultra-Wideband Beamforming Networks for sub-6 GHz Bands

Dimitrios Lialios (Florida International University)*; Constantinos Zekios (Florida International University); Stavros Georgakopoulos (Florida International University)

11:10 AM – 163: Sidelobe Reduction and Mode-Purity Enhancement of Vortex Beams from a Programmable, Rectangular Phased Array Antenna

IAN R NEMITZ (NASA)*; Christine Chevalier (HX5, LLC); Ryan Toonen (NASA); Peter Schemmel (NASA)

11:30 AM – 164: Joint Optimization of Transmitting and Multiple Receiving Beams within Overlapped Subarray Structure

Hui Zeng (National University of Defense Technology)*; Zhen Hai Xu (National University of Defense and Technology); Wei Dong (National University of Defense and Technology); Shun Ping Xiao (National University of Defense and Technology)

11:50 AM – 178: Large Scale Adaptive Beamforming

Michael A Parker (Raytheon)*; Michael Cervantes (Raytheon)

Oct 13, 2022
7:50am - 12:10pm (Eastern)
mmWave Arrays

Chairs: Wajih Elsallal, MITRE; Pierre Dufillie, Raytheon

8:00 AM – 46: V-band Stacked Patch Phased Array

Pierre Dufilie (Raytheon Technologies)*; Elizabeth J Kowalski (MIT LL); M. David Conway (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); David Du Russel (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Alan Fenn (MIT-LL)

8:20 AM – 69: System-Level Model for mmWave-over-Fiber Distributed Antenna Systems

Arno Moerman (Ghent University)*; Olivier Caytan (Ghent University); Laura Van Messem (Ghent University); Igor Lima de Paula (Ghent University); Joris Van Kerrebrouck (Ghent University); Guy Torfs (Ghent University); Piet Demeester (Ghent University); Hendrik Rogier (Ghent University); Sam Lemey (Ghent University)

8:40 AM – 97: Experimental Evaluation of a Variable Length Beam Selection Framework in a USRP based Testbed with mmWave Frontends and Butler Matrices

Mostafa Khalili Marandi (Technische Universität Dresden)*; Shizhang Wei (Technische Universität Dresden); Behnam Khodapanah (Technische Universität Dresden); Wolfgang Rave (Technische Universität Dresden); Gerhard Fettweis (TU Dresden)

9:00 AM – 102: Fast Beam Alignment Via True Time Delay Frequency Dependent Beamforming Using Fixed and Variable Length Tests

Christoph Jans (TU-Dresden)*; Wolfgang Rave (TU Dresden); Gerhard Fettweis (TU Dresden)

9:20 AM – 113: Determining the OIP3 and Bias Network Resonances of Phased-Arrays Using Far-Field Techniques

Yusheng Yin (Extreme Waves)*; Gabriel Rebeiz (Extreme Waves)

9:40 AM – 171: An SICL-Fed Compact Magnetoelectric Dipole Antenna for 5G Millimeter Wave Bands

Aditya Singh (Queen’s University)*; Carlos E. Saavedra (Queen’s University)

10:00 AM – BREAK

10:30 AM – 129: Wide-Angle Flattened Luneburg Lens for Millimeter-Wave Beam Steering Applications 

Mohamed Elmansouri (University of Colorado Boulder)*; Dejan Filipovic (University of Colorado Boulder)

10:50 AM – 138: Compact Antenna Test Range EVM Measurements of a Millimeter-Wave Phased Array using a VNA

Dustin Brown (UCLA Antenna Lab)*; Yahya Rahmat-Samii 

Oct 13, 2022
1:20pm - 5:40pm (Eastern)
T/R Modules

Chairs: George Che, Georgia Tech Research Institute; Adilson Cardoso, Raytheon

1:30 PM – 14: An RF reference signal distribution system for suppressing phase fluctuations during transmission

Kae Morita (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)*; Jun Shimokawatoko (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Osamu Wada (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Hiroyuki Mizutani (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Hideyuki Nakamizo (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

1:50 PM – 38: A High-Resolution Vector Modulator Design for Ultra-Wideband Active Phased Array Systems

Ahmet Hasturk (ASELSAN INC.)*; Nursel Akçam (Gazi University)

2:10 PM – 70: High Performance S-Band Dual Transmit/Receive Module for Active Phased Array Radar

Virendra Kumar (Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO))*; Shreeshail . (Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)); Upendra Shankar Pandey (Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)); K SREENIVASULU (DRDO); Beenamole K.S. (Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)); Ravi Gangwar (IIT(ISM) Dhanbad)

2:30 PM – 88: Multi-Harmonic Beam Steering of TMLAA Employing TLBO


2:50 PM – 93: A Power Detector for Built-In Self Test of 4-Channel Beamforming Transceiver in Phased Array Systems

Soo-Chang Chae (Korea Electronics Technology Institute)*; Chung-Geun Jang (Korea Electronics Technology Institute); Soo-Jung Kim (Korea Electronics Technology Institute); Kwang-Ho Ahn (Korea Electronics Technology Institute); Ki-Jin Kim (Korea Electronics Technology Institute)

3:10 PM – 122: Constraints of Designing PCB Technology Based Tile-Type TR Core Modules for Scalable X Band AESA Architectures

kaan temir (Aselsan Inc.)*; Ayse Rana BAL (Aselsan Inc)

3:30 PM – BREAK

4:00 PM – 131: Low-Cost UHF Phased Array System Architecture for Small Satellite Ground Stations

Christopher Conrad (University of Malta)*; Andre Micallef (University of Malta); Marc A Azzopardi (University of Malta); Victor Buttigieg (University of Malta); Charles Grech (University of Malta)

4:20 PM – 150: A 5-33 GHz 8-Channel Transmit Beamformer with Peak Power of 14 dBm for X/Ku/Ka-band SATCOM Applications

Oguz Kazan (University of California, San Diego)*; Zhaoxin Hu (University of California, San Diego); Abdulrahman Alhamed (University of California, San Diego); Gabriel M. Rebeiz (Nil)

4:40 PM – 166: Octal Transmit Receive Module for Wideband Phased Arrays

K SREENIVASULU (DRDO)*; D Srinivas Rao (LRDE DRDO); Swaraj Varshney (LRDE DRDO); Hemanth Gaddam (RFMW Innovations lab); KP Ray (Department of Electronics Engineering, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Girinagar, Pune)

Oct 13, 2022
1:20pm - 5:20pm (Eastern)
Wideband Arrays II

Chairs: Mark Fosberry, MITRE; Orin Henry, Georgia Tech Research Institute

1:30 PM – 128: A Wide-Angle Scanning Phased Array Antenna with Non-Reciprocal Butler Matrix Beamforming Network 

Hamed Tadayon (INRS); Mansoor Dashti Ardakani (INRS University)*; Reza Karimian (The George Washington University); Shahrokh Ahmadi (The George Washington University); Mona Zaghloul (GWU)

1:50 PM – 133: A Wideband Non-Reciprocal Phased Array Antenna with Side Lobe Level Suppression

Hamed Tadayon (INRS University); Mansoor Dashti Ardakani (INRS University)*; Reza Karimian (The George Washington University); Shahrokh Ahmadi (The George Washington University); Mona Zaghloul (GWU)

2:10 PM – 13: Beamforming with Uniform-Circular-Array and Ultrawideband-Throb Signal 

Malek G. M. Hussain (Kuwait University)*

2:30 PM – 29: An Additively-Manufactured, Internally Metalized FUSE™ (IM-FUSE) Array

Eric Robinson (The MITRE Corporation)*; Franciso Ramos-Carrizosa (MITRE); Wajih Elsallal (MITRE); Carey Rappaport (Northeastern University)

2:50 PM – 154: Converged RF Phased Arrays Enabled by Silicon Photonics

Michael T Hoff (Lockheed Martin Corporation)*; Amit Kedia (Ayar Labs); Nhat Nguyen (Ayar Labs); Bob Paddison (Ayar Labs); Rick Stevens (Lockheed Martin Corporation)

3:10 PM – 177: A PUMA Array Design for Space Applications

Thomas Hand (Lockheed Martin Space); Roger D Hasse (Lockheed Martin)*

3:30 PM – BREAK

4:00 PM – 30: Single-Polarization Vivaldi Antenna Array with Orthogonal Walls for Improved Polarization Purity

Rick Kindt (NRL)*; Jack Logan (NRL)

4:20 PM – 31: Cross-Polarization Treatment in Linearly Polarized Vivaldi Array Apertures

Rick Kindt (NRL)*; Jack Logan (NRL)

4:40 PM – 119: A K- and V-Band Planar Dual-Polarized Tightly Coupled Dipole Array

Muhammad Hamza (Florida International University)*; Constantinos L. Zekios (Florida International University); Stavros Georgakopoulos (Florida International University)

5:00 PM – 34: A Study of Uniformly Excited Linear Phased Array for Wideband Operation

Yu Ping Liu (Oakland University)*; Amanpreet Kaur (Oakland University)

Oct 13, 2022
1:20pm - 5:20pm (Eastern)
Intelligent Arrays

Chairs: Kevin Rudd, DARPA; Ben Epstein, DARPA

1:30 PM – 49: Blind Adaptive Beamforming of Narrowband Signals using an Uncalibrated Antenna-Array by Machine Learning

Soeren Schoenbrod (Julia Computing Inc)*; Elliot Saba (Julia Computing Inc); Miguel Bazdresch (Rochester Institute of Technology); Steve Kelly (Julia Computing Inc); Tim Besard ( Julia Computing Inc); Keno M Fischer (Julia Computing Inc)

1:50 PM – 62: Abstraction and Acceleration of Tensor Processing for Element-Level Digital Arrays

Alexander Saad-Falcon (Georgia Tech Research Institute)*; Jonathan Beaudeau (Pareto Frontier); Jonathan Andreasen (Georgia Tech Research Institute); Michael McKinney (Georgia Tech); Ryan Westafer (Georgia Tech Research Institute); James C Kerce (Georgia Institute of Technology); Chris Barnes (Georgia Tech)

2:10 PM – 126: Rapid Prototyping Framework for Intelligent Arrays with Heterogeneous Computing

Garrett M Vanhoy (Peraton Labs)*; Marc Lichtman (Peraton Labs); Ray Hoare (Concurrent EDA); Claire Brevik (Concurrent EDA)

2:30 PM – 101: Encoder-Decoder Networks for Self-Supervised Pretraining and Downstream Signal Bandwidth Regression on Digital Antenna Arrays

Rajib Bhattacharjea (DeepSig, Inc.)*; Nathan West (Deepsig, Inc.)

2:50 PM – 112: Zoom Out: Abstractions for Efficient Radar Algorithms on COTS architecture

Tze Meng Low (Carnegie Mellon University)*; Yueji Chi (Carnegie Mellon University); James Hoe (Carnegie Mellon University); Swarun Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University); Akarsh Prabhakara (Carnegie Mellon University); Laixi Shi (Carnegie Mellon University); upasana sridhar (Carnegie Mellon University); Nicholai Tukanov (Carnegie Mellon University); Chengyue Wang (Carnegie Mellon University); Yuchen Wu (Carnegie Mellon University)

3:10 PM – 145: Deep Learning with Interference Training for Adaptive Radar Beamforming

David Hartman (Bluehalo)*; Nof Abuzainab (BlueHalo); Tugba Erpek (IAI); Yalin Sagduyu (IAI); Kemal Davaslioglu (IAI)

3:30 PM – BREAK

4:00 PM – 87: Fast Adaptive Beamforming Using Deep Learning for Digital Phased Array Radars

Yoon-SL Kim (Univ. of Okla., ARRC)*; David Schvartzman (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Bob Palmer (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Tian-you Yu (Univ. of Okla., ARRC)

4:20 PM – 117: Fast ML-Assisted Interference Estimation and Suppression for Digital Phased Array Radar

Danijela Cabric (University of California, Los Angeles)*; Ruifu Li (University of California, Los Angeles); Shamik Sarkar (University of California, Los Angeles); Jacquelyn Vitaz (Raytheon Technologies); Patrick Powers (Raytheon Technologies); James McGraw (Raytheon Technologies)

Oct 13, 2022
1:20pm - 5:20pm (Eastern)
5G Arrays

Chairs: Philip Zurek MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Mark McClure, Systems & Technology Research

1:30 PM – 32: A Closed-form Expression for the Directivity of Planar Arrays with Arbitrary Topologies and Element Patterns

Colin Mussman (Penn State)*; Douglas Werner (Penn State University)

1:50 PM – 60: Simultaneous Multi-Band, Multi-Beam, and Multi-Function TX/RX Phased Array Systems

Dennis Prather (University of Delaware)*; Christopher Schuetz (Phase Sensitive Innovations)

2:10 PM – 85: Highly Directive Compact Multiband MIMO Array Antennas with Improved Gain for 5G Wireless Communication System

Owais Khan (University of IT and Emerging Sciences); Muhammad Anab (UET); Kiran Fayyaz (University of IT and Emerging Sciences); shahid khan (comsast University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus); Farhad Arpanaei (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid); Mariana Dalarsson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology); Mohammad Alibakhshikenari (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)*

2:30 PM – 105: RF CMOS Front-end with Antenna for 2.4 GHz Transceiver and Internet of Thing Applications

Wen-Cheng Lai (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)*

2:50 PM – 134: A 24 GHz Flexible 10×10 Phased Array Antenna for 3D Beam Steering Based V2V Applications

Karthik Kakaraparty (university of north texas)*; Ifana Mahbub (University of North Texas)

3:10 PM – 174: 5G Ku-band Radar Array for Wide-Area Surveillance

Bill Weedon (Applied Radar)*