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Oct 14, 2022
8:45am - 9:20am (Arizona)
Opening Security Keynote with Darktrace: How AI Can Think Like an Attacker

In the face of skyrocketing cyber risk, detecting and responding to attacks is no longer enough. Organizations must take proactive steps to prevent threats before they happen, and to recover if compromised. In this session, Darktrace unveil an ambitious new approach to security, with core engines powering AI technologies to prevent, detect, respond, and ultimately heal from attacks. Together, these engines combine to strengthen organizations’ security posture in a virtuous AI feedback ‘loop,’ which provides powerful end-to-end, bespoke, and self-learning solutions unique to each organization.

Oct 14, 2022
9:20am - 9:40am (Arizona)
Presenting Security Keynote with IBM Security: Exposure Management – The Integration of Threat Intelligence, Attack Surface and Vulnerability Management into Threat Management Programs

Threat management programs aiming to establish visibility, detection, investigation and response are becoming more complex as infrastructure and workforces expand and adapt. This not only makes threat management more challenging, but can also dramatically increase our exposure to attack. So how can we do a better job of proactively understanding and reducing the risks and exposures associated with this disparate environment, while simultaneously significantly reducing the stress on our threat management systems and teams?

Join us to hear what we have learned from thousands of engagements in this developing field, which we are referring to as Exposure Management. This approach has the goal helping organizations reduce risk and inefficiencies and get the most out of the tools, processes and people that they have. All while enabling the business to evolve and thrive.

Oct 14, 2022
9:40am - 10:05am (Arizona)
HP Presentation: Endpoint Isolation – How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

While it’s clear that the endpoint is the key cybersecurity battleground, there’s plenty of debate on how best to approach the problem. Minimizing the number of endpoint agents is an obvious approach.  To that end, this talk will describe the broad list of risk management benefits of hardware-assisted isolation technology, as seen in actual deployments of the Bromium-developed hypervisor. 

Oct 14, 2022
10:30am - 11:10am (Arizona)
Panel 1: Ransomware and Resiliency – To Trust or Not Trust?
While some things are difficult to predict, that is not the case with Ransomware, where attacks have been and continue to be accurately predicted to increase significantly in volume and severity. Last year we saw ransomware attacks on water treatment facilities, oil pipelines, and food distributors make national news. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, from January to July of 2021 there was a 62% increase in ransomware complaints from year to year.

As new models of ransomware emerge and attacks become more frequent as they prove successful to bad actors, it’s imperative for business leaders to reexamine their approach to cyber security to more effectively combat threats and minimize damage in the event of a ransomware attack. For many companies today, that means foregoing the traditional “trust but verify” perimeter-based security and implementing Zero Trust framework built on the principle of “never trust, always verify”. Through its capability to isolate users and machines, Zero Trust can in the event of an attack limit it from spreading while still maintaining running operations, making it a popular security strategy. In fact, last year in his Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, the President of the U.S. recommended the Federal Government adopt Zero Trust architecture.

This panel will look at how ransomware attacks and bad actors have evolved to become more successful. Should companies pay hackers to get their data back or will that backfire? Our lineup of Subject Matter Experts will contrast traditional perimeter-based security with Zero Trust and offer their insight on how adopting strategies and policies that can help companies stay resilient as ransomware threats continue to grow.

Oct 14, 2022
11:10am - 11:35am (Arizona)
Reciprocity Presentation: The Right InfoSec Conversation: How to Show the Value and Motivate Investment

As an InfoSec leader, your world has dramatically changed in just the last couple of years, and the door for risk has swung wide open. Attackers are smart, stealthy and focused on profiting from your high value information and ransomware payments.  And they’re usually a few steps ahead of you. 

With cybersecurity top of mind for your Executives and the Board, you need to anticipate questions and be ready with answers. Unfortunately, the conversation we’ve been having around cyber security is ineffective.  The right conversation is centered on business priorities and the company’s appetite for risk so the value of investment choices is clear and informed decisions can be made. The goal is to choose the right level of spend to defensibly protect your company as it operates, grows and expands.

Attend this session and learn:

  • What’s driving a significant change in InfoSec priorities
  • Why “how” you protect must shift to “how well” you protect
  • How to tie InfoSec investments to business priorities
Oct 14, 2022
11:35am - 12:00pm (Arizona)
Graphus Presentation: Cyber Attacks - Are You Ready for the Latest Threats?

Cybercrimes will cost individuals and businesses 10.5 Trillion dollars by 2025 and the covid pandemic has only accelerated this pace. Join Miles Walker as he dives into some of the attacks you may have heard of, and of course, some you probably haven’t. You will learn practical tips to sharpen your cyber tool kit and give you some practical examples of how you can protect yourself as well as your business against the newest cyber threats facing our world.

Oct 14, 2022
1:00pm - 1:50pm (Arizona)
Panel 2: Securing the Hybrid & Remote Workforce

As we adapt to the new normal in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses have returned to the office while many continue to work from home or are shifting to a hybrid workforce. Regardless of where your team is in today’s flexible work culture, it’s important to make sure your data is secure.

This panel will discuss the various factors that contribute to the increase in threats facing the remote and hybrid workforce and the solutions needed to stay secure. Our lineup of Industry Experts will offer their insight & explore best-practices on how businesses and their IT Security Teams should address risks such as ransomware, insider threat, phishing, unsecured devices and lack of training.

Oct 14, 2022
1:50pm - 2:15pm (Arizona)
Check Point Software Technologies Presentation: 40 Years in 25 Minutes – A Journey Through Cyber

A journey through cyber – from stand-alone Apple II computers using PFS or Ashton-Tate software to today’s ubiquitous, always-on, hyper-connected, cloud-first computing  This session is a fun compilation of short stories and excerpts spanning four decades in the cyber industry.  Grant will discuss the transition from single systems to networking to the internet…and how cyber security has evolved from securing virtually nothing to virtually everything.  Grant will also share his thoughts on the constantly  evolving threat landscape including IoT, Cloud, and the still-reigning champion, Email. Finally, Grant will offer considerations for improving your overall security posture today as well as future trends…you’ll even have a chance to win some cash.

Oct 14, 2022
2:15pm - 2:40pm (Arizona)
Tanium Presentation: Don't Ignore the Boring Basics

Security threats online are everywhere these days. These threats come in many forms – from phishing scams to ransomware attacks, drive-by downloads to dropper malware – all of which IT security staff need to be vigilant in attempting to prevent. Many of these security threats can be prevented by focusing on the “boring” basics. There is no silver bullet for securing IT networks but maintaining a mindset of continually practicing the basics of IT hygiene and security is key. In this session, I will answer these questions and more:

  1. What is the “boring” stuff?
  2. What should I do first?
  3. What’s next?
Oct 14, 2022
2:40pm - 3:10pm (Arizona)
Critical Insight Presentation: Who’s Attacking You?
One of the most common questions from IT Leaders and Executives is: Who would attack our organization and why? 
In this presentation, we plan to present data around why your organization may attract malicious actors. We’ll examine the most common cyberattack perpetrators and their methods. From hostile Nation-States to teenagers, and even some threat actors you might not expect; We will discuss the methods these attackers are using to gain access to your networks, be it unpatched systems, newly found zero days, as well as other avenues into your network that you may not have considered. We will also be discussing the intent of these attacks, whether it is to steal your Intellectual Property, extort your Cryptocurrency, or simply to enable the attacker to gain bragging rights and status among their peers. Most importantly, we will discuss how to tell the difference, and how to protect yourself. 
Key Takeaways:  
  • Techniques to identify attackers, methods, and intent. 
  • What the future of these attacks look like based on historical data. 
  • How you can use freely available data feeds to stay on top of these attacks 
Oct 14, 2022
3:25pm - 4:15pm (Arizona)
Panel 3: Securing the Cloud

Cloud innovations continue to drive the rapid adoption of cloud services, which offer numerous advantages such as increased flexibility, better scalability, cost savings, higher productivity, and resiliency. However, challenges in migrating to the cloud and protecting the cloud environment cause concern for many organizations. According to research done by Cybersecurity Insiders in partnership with (ISC)2, 72% of organizations said they feel either not at all confident (8%), slightly confident (12%), or moderately confident (52%) in their cloud security posture, expressing concerns over data loss & leakage, data privacy, compliance, and unauthorized access. Lack of qualified staff / knowledge and visibility of security platforms continue to be the biggest threats facing cloud security, with misconfigurations accounting for the majority of cloud data breaches.

This panel will highlight the benefits of migrating to the cloud and examine the pros & cons of the various cloud models. Our lineup of Subject Matter Experts will discuss the risks facing security teams as they adopt cloud services, offer recommendations to minimize these risks, and provide insight on best practices to secure the cloud.

Oct 14, 2022
4:15pm - 4:35pm (Arizona)
Cisco Secure Presentation: 5 Simple Tips to Secure Your Hybrid Workforce

As the world transitions into a more permanent hybrid workforce, the flexibility it brings forth allows both benefits and challenges for employers and workers. Whether your team is working in the office, remotely, or something in-between, you don’t need to compromise your security for more flexibility. Join Cisco Secure as we discuss the five simple tips to maintain your hybrid workforce while securing your workers and company assets.