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ERC TeleSeminar Series

The SRC/SEMATECH Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing (ERC) TeleSeminar Series is hosted by ERC member universities:

University of Arizona, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California - Berkeley, Cornell University, Tufts University, Columbia University,University of Massachusetts, Arizona State University, University of Washington

The TeleSeminars are presented biweekly and are available to participating ERC institutions, industry affiliates, invited guests and all interested parties.

The TeleSeminars, presented by ERC PIs, ERC graduate students, and invited academic and industrial guest speakers, focus on specific research efforts within current research relevant to the ERC's mission.

Use this group for Q&A and for commenting on a specific TeleSeminar presentation. Post your inquiries and comments to the presenter or attendees of a seminar. Continue conversation and dialogue in the group setting or use the Inbox for private messaging to the presenter.

For more information on the TeleSeminar Series, or if you would like to be added to our distribution list, please contact:

Karen McClure
Senior ERC Program Coordinator
University of Arizona


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Dear All, The SRC/Sematech

Dear All,

The SRC/Sematech Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing (ERC) is pleased to announce an exciting new collaborative extension to its biweekly TeleSeminar offering. This capability is made possible through a partnership with SemiNeedle, an online community for semiconductor professionals.

Starting with the July 10, 2008 presentation, everyone interested in our seminars will access the abstract and the presentation material at SemiNeedle. Attendees will also be able to initiate inquiries and discussions, anonymously if so desired, and continue conversations with the presenter and others attending the presentation during and after the event.

This capability greatly complements our TeleSeminar series by providing a much needed platform for continued discussion on presented topics beyond our limited one hour teleconference session. It also extends the reach of the program to those across the globe who cannot easily access the live seminar but would like to review the presentation and ask questions.

While at the SemiNeedle seminar site, you might also want to explore other aspects of the SemiNeedle community. Given its focus on all things semiconductor, you might find value in the community in addition to the TeleSeminar.

I hope that you'll take advantage of our enhancements and will feel free to engage, anonymously if preferred, and let attendees know of your thoughts and perspectives.

Best Regards,

Farhang Shadman
Director, SRC/Sematech ERC
University of Arizona

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ERC TeleSeminar Series
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TeleSeminar Times

Daylight Savings Time (March 9, 2008 through November 2, 2008)
11:00AM PDT / 11:00AM PDT (Arizona) / 12:00 MDT / 1:00PM CDT / 2:00PM EDT

Standard Time (November 3, 2008 through March 7, 2009)
11:00AM PST / 12:00PM MST (Arizona) / 1:00PM CST / 2:00PM EST

Connecting to the TeleSeminar

(1) Call the appropriate dial-in number:

Dial-in Number (Caller Paid & International): 1.719.955.1670

Please use this number if your company can cover the long distance charge. This choice will help keep ERC's expenses low. There may be a short delay after you dial in.

Dial-in Number (Toll Free): 1.800.375.2612

Use this toll free number if needed. ERC will pay for the long distance charge.

(2) When prompted, enter the conference PIN/participant code '675623' followed by the '#' sign. If all information was entered correctly, participants will have joined the conference call.


  • Mute your phone during the speaker's presentation to eliminate unnecessary noise over the phone lines. Disengage from mute for Q&A. If you do NOT have a mute button on your phone, press '*6' to mute during the presentation. To disengage from mute press '*6' again.
  • Disengage call waiting (check local phone directory for instructions).
  • Do not put conference call on 'hold' since 'hold' audio will be disruptive to other call participants.
  • If possible, avoid using cellular or cordless phones which may cause unnecessary feedback or noise during the conference.
  • For best sound quality when using speaker phones, face the microphone when speaking. Mute the phone/microphones when not speaking.

Should you experience problems with any portion of the dial-in process on the day of the presentation, please call 1.520.626.5259 or 1.520.621.6051 (University of Arizona) for assistance.

ERC Host and Guest Speaker TeleSeminar Presentation Instructions

  • Your slide presentation should be appx. 45 minutes in length with appx. 15 minutes for follow-up Q&A.
  • Paginate your slides.
  • Prior to the presentation, the TeleSeminar host will introduce the presenter/guest and briefly explain how the presentation fits within the overall vision of the ERC.

Email Announcement Information Deadline

  • The ERC host or the presenter/guest should email TeleSeminar information (presenter's name and title, affiliation, presentation title, and a brief abstract) to Karen McClure ( two weeks prior to their assigned TeleSeminar.
  • A detailed announcement will be emailed to the TeleSeminar distribution list one week prior to each TeleSeminar. A reminder email will be sent immediately prior to the Teleseminar.

Posting of Presentation Materials Deadline

  • Send presentation materials (PPT or PDF files) to Karen McClure ( for posting no later than close-of-business on the Wednesday prior to your Thursday TeleSeminar.
  • Karen will post all presentations in PDF format on the ERC Teleseminar Series Group within SemiNeedle.

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